Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Holland, MI

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Attorneys

Suffering a work injury is devastating in various ways, including ongoing pain and suffering, mounting medical bills and expenses, loss of income, and much more. When most victims of on-the-job accidents consider their options, they think that they cannot afford a workers compensation attorney. The truth is that the process of filing a workers compensation claim is long and complicated and should only be left to legal experts. Also, not all employers and insurance companies will be willing to offer their workers the benefits they are entitled to under the law. Here are some of the top reasons why it is important to hire an experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer in Holland, MI.

Preparing the Case

An experienced workers compensation attorney will help the injured worker through every step of the process. Ideally, it is advisable to contact a workers comp lawyer immediately after the accident to prevent any negative ramifications. In the State of Michigan, an employee is required to report the injury to their employer within 90 days. The time frame starts from the date of the injury. Failure to do so within the 90 days prevents the claimant from collecting their benefits. There are also deadlines for specific paperwork, which if not filed correctly within the stipulated time could jeopardize the benefits. A workers compensation attorney will make sure all the legal procedures and the necessary documents are forwarded to the right parties on time.

Collecting Evidence

An experienced workers compensation lawyer will help the injured person to collect sufficient evidence for their case. The lawyer will help the victim to develop medical evidence that shows the severity of their condition from the injury. An experienced workers comp lawyer can also determine how much a claim is worth and evaluate any settlement offers more accurately. All this will help the injured worker get the compensation they deserve.

Representation in Court

If the case is settled in court, the lawyer will represent the injured employee and present all the available evidence. As their legal representative, the lawyer will answer all questions on their behalf and ensure their rights are well protected.

There are other roles played by a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Holland, MI. For more information about hiring a workers comp lawyer, contact Bleakley Law Offices P C.