Important Considerations Under The Indiana Lemon Law

Most new car buyers and even those buying used vehicles from a dealership expect the vehicle to be free of mechanical and safety issues, particularly while it is still just a few months old. However, as consumers across the country discover, not all new vehicles purchased or leased, or even used vehicles purchased or leased from a dealership are safe trouble-free cars and trucks.

Under the Indiana Lemon Law, private party sales can also be covered if the vehicle’s problems are reported to the manufacturer’s dealership. As with new and used vehicles from the dealership, this has to be done within 18 months of taking possession of the vehicle, or before 18,000 miles.

Attempts to Repair

Buyers should always consult with a Lemon Law attorney before taking any action. Under the law, the manufacturer’s dealership has four repair attempts to resolve the issue and ensure the vehicle is safe and reliable to operate, as well as being free from the identified defects.

The other qualifier for the law is the amount of time the vehicle has been at the dealership for repair. The vehicle may also be considered a lemon if it has been at the dealership for a total of thirty cumulative business days.

Legal Representation

Working with a law firm familiar in Indiana Lemon Law is a very wise decision. The dealership and the manufacturer, if not acting in good faith to resolve the issue, can make it very difficult for the vehicle owner to get answers and they know how to proceed to obtain a fair settlement.

Under the Indiana Lemon Law, if the vehicle owner wins the case, the manufacturer is required to cover the costs of any legal services, which further supports having an attorney to represent you through the process.

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