Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support Bail in Bartow

Although child support is a civil matter, failing to pay it is a criminal offense that can land the guilty party in jail. Unfortunately, no parent can make money for back payments from a cell, and few defendants have the cash readily available to pay their bail in full. That’s why parents facing child support in Florida are better off finding a bail bondsman willing to work with them to secure their release.

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the release of parents facing child support charges, though. This article will clear up some of that confusion by answering some frequently asked questions about Child Support Bail in Bartow.

How Much Does it Cost?

In the state of Florida, all legitimate bail bondsmen charge the 10% fee. To find out about a particular Bail Bond Cost Bartow residents will have to speak with a licensed bail agent.

The fee will not be refunded as it helps to pay for the bail bondsman’s time and services. Sometimes, it may be possible for defendants to finance part of their bail bond fees, so it’s worth discussing options with a bondsman even if the defendant is short on cash.

Will Collateral Be Required?

In most cases, bondsmen will also require collateral before posting bail. Collateral can be provided in the form of property, land, cash, stocks, bonds, or bank CDs. The bondsman will return the collateral only after receiving an official bond discharge from the court.

How Long Does It Take to Get Released?

Once a client has taken out a bond for Child Support Bail in Bartow, he or she can expect to be released within 24 hours. In most cases, those being held in county jails will be released within two to eight hours of the court receiving its bail money.

How Can Defendants Keep Track of Court Dates?

It is the defendant’s responsibility to make sure that he or she knows about court dates and shows up for them on time. Courts will notify defendants by mail.

How Can Defendants Find a Bondsman?

There are plenty of bail bonding services in Bartow. Make sure to choose a licensed agent and don’t be afraid to ask questions in advance. Keep in mind that agents that claim they will charge lower fees are never legitimate, as the fee for bail bonds is set by the state of Florida.

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