4 Things to Know About Using a Bail Bond Company in Dekalb County

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Bail Bonds

We all make mistakes at times. When you find yourself in jail, you’re probably desperate to get out as soon as possible, and that’s where a bail bond company comes into play. The following are 4 things you should know about using bail bonding companies in Atlanta and the rest of Dekalb County.

1. You Need to Pay 10% of Your Bail

To get out of jail, you need to pay 10% of your bail. The bondsman will cover the rest. The 10% is payment for putting up the other 90%. If you don’t have the 10%, you can wait to request a lower amount from the judge on your next court date.

2. You Need to Use Collateral

A bail bond won’t just cover your bail for you without some reassurance. Generally speaking, you or someone in your life must put up collateral. Collateral can include things like a house, car, or any other assets.

3. You Need to Go to Court

If you don’t go to court after your bail bond gets you out of jail, you are setting yourself up for a whole world of hurt. You will likely get a warrant for your arrest. The judge also won’t be so keen on allowing you to post bail next time since you didn’t make it to your court date. Similar problems can happen if you get yourself in trouble again.

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