When to Consult a Civil Litigation Attorney in Santa Barbara, CA

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Lawyers

Civil litigation is a civil lawsuit that is based on non-criminal statutes. It happens when other forms of dispute resolution are not working, including mediation and arbitration.

Civil litigation deals with civil matters that are solved in a courtroom, and are concerned with financial compensation or other charges that are not criminal. They often pertain to situations with relationships between people such as contract disputes marriage, legal property battles between neighbors or property owner and tenant disputes.

When pursuing civil litigation, it is best to consult a civil litigation attorney in Santa Barbara, CA. Once you decide to work with an attorney on your case, they will uncover essential details and help you to build evidence for your case.

There will be a point where the process moves forward to pleas. Both parties in a civil suit will enter pleas, which are some of the first court documents noting each party’s complaints and stories behind the lawsuit.

There is also a discovery phase that involves legal research, and reviews of documents, and other pertinent information for the case. This is the time when attorneys will call on expert witnesses and confirm the details of their arguments. Discovery is the phase where most attorneys spend the most time arguing the details of the case. Then comes the pre-trial and the actual trial.

It is always best to consult with a civil litigation attorney in Santa Barbara, CA, for these legal matters. Contact Business Name online at website URL.