When to Speak to Criminal Law Attorneys

In Singapore, criminal law is based to a considerable extent on Acts of Parliament. These statutes govern acts designated as criminal and seek to impose the designated punishment. This varies according to the offence which may range from white-collar crime to homicide. Criminal law attorneys are there to address the matter. They understand the specifics of the law in this area and will work hard to ensure the situation is resolved in favour of their clients.

Contacting a Criminal Law Attorney

The officials in Singapore have the right to respond appropriately to any action deemed criminal. Criminal law attorneys have the right to defend their clients against any charges laid by the authorities. They are there to guide a client through the entire process from arrest to trial and sentencing.

Contacting a criminal lawyer may be essential if

1. You believe you are under investigation for a criminal action
2. You are charged with a criminal offence
3. You have already pled guilty to a criminal offence

Role of a Criminal Law Attorney

Hiring a criminal law attorneys in Singapore provides you with a defence. A lawyer will seek evidence from the officials involved, including the prosecution. A criminal lawyer will help prepare your defence against the charges using:

• Exculpatory evidence gathered through various means
• Prepare any witnesses for your defence case
• Provide a thorough defence during the trial

If you have already pled guilty to the offence, criminal law attorneys will submit a plea of mitigation. This is an attempt to decrease the sentence.

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