FAQs About A Bail Bond In Shelton, CT

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Bail Bonds

In Connecticut, bail bonds are secured by providing an immediate payment or offering collateral. A criminal defendant can acquire a bail bond if they cannot afford the full cash value of their bail. A local bail bondsman can answer frequently asked questions about a bail bond in Shelton CT.

What Guarantee is Offered by a Bail Bond?

According to the guidelines for bail bonds, the criminal defendant agrees to appear in court by signing the bail bond documents. If he or she doesn’t appear in court, it is a violation of the terms of the bail bond itself. The defendant could face serious penalties if they don’t appear in court including an immediate arrest. The bail bondsman can also seize any collateral used to secure the bond and hunt the defendant down if the bondsman is also a bounty hunter.

Are There Additional Fees Beyond the Payment for the Bail Bond?

Yes, the bail bondsman will charge their fee, and in some jurisdictions, the sheriff may charge a fee as well. The criminal defendant must pay these charges along with the identified percentage of the bail bond. Typically, the bail bond isn’t a value that exceeds fourteen percent of the total bail value. The bondsman provides an estimate for the court to the defendant or their representative when the agent is contacted.

What is Needed When Collateral is Used?

If collateral is used, the criminal defendant or their representative must provide a clear deed or title to the asset. The defendant and their representative cannot offer collateral that they don’t own outright. If real estate or an automobile are financed, it isn’t possible to acquire a clear title or deed for the property. The deed or title is given to the bail bondsman when the bail bond is purchased.

In Connecticut, bail bonds are available to all criminal defendants that have established their eligibility for bail. The arraignment must occur in most cases before a bail value is assigned. A bail bondsman could attend the arraignment to assist the defendant with a faster release. Criminal defendants that need to purchase a Bail Bond in Shelton Ct can visit us right now.