A Truck Accident Attorney in Des Moines, IA Represents Families After a Fatal Collision

A truck accident attorney in Des Moines, IA represents people who have been seriously injured in a collision with a semi truck or other heavy truck. The lawyer also represents families of individuals who were killed in these incidents.

Severe Consequences

Although these accidents are much less common than collisions between passenger vehicles, they tend to have significantly more severe consequences. The size and weight of the passenger car is no match for the big truck, especially when both are traveling at highway speeds.

Around 4,000 people lose their lives in these types of collisions every year. A truck accident attorney in Des Moines, IA helps the families obtain financial compensation to cover both tangible and intangible aspects in the aftermath. Although money cannot bring back their loved one, it can help them pay bills and start to move forward, no matter how difficult this may be.

Tangible Aspects

Financial compensation from the insurer of the trucking company should pay for all medical bills, which may have included hospitalization and surgery. Funeral expenses should be covered in the settlement as well. In these cases, lost future wages are considered when this person was a contributor to the household income. The insurance company will be expected to make a hefty payment to cover this amount, as there may be a spouse and children who rely on this money.

Intangible Factors

Compensation may also be demanded by a law firm such as Dutton & Drake to cover aspects that do not have an actual monetary value. The spouse may be provided compensation for loss of companionship and consortium. Money may be included for loss of a parent’s guidance when there are minor children in the family. Emotional pain and suffering may be included in the demand letter.

Court Award or Settlement

Sometimes this type of trial goes to court because the plaintiff’s lawyer believes a sympathetic jury will order a substantial court award. In other cases, the insurer offers a large enough settlement for the family to accept the amount. Click here for details on one particular law firm.

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