Reasons to Hire the Services of a Domestic Violence Lawyer in South Bay CA

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Legal Services

When you choose to spend your life with someone, you assume they will love and protect you forever. However, domestic violence is more common than many people could ever imagine. If you’re the victim of violence by a spouse, you should hire the services of a Domestic Violence Lawyer in South Bay CA.

Protect Yourself

Many domestic violence victims will tell you they’ve been abused on multiple occasions. In order to prevent violence in the future, you need to leave, and you should also consider filing a protective order. This will prevent your abuser from being able to make contact with you for a set amount of time.

A protective order must be approved by a judge before it will go into effect. While anyone can apply for a protective order, working with Shook & Associates Inc will ensure your application is processed and approved promptly.

Protect Your Children

Domestic violence situations become even more complex whenever children are in the picture. If your spouse is also the biological parent of your children, they may fight for custody or visitation rights. The safety of the children should come first, and it’s up to you to make sure they’re protected.

A Domestic Violence Lawyer in South Bay CA will help make sure your case is properly represented in court. The lawyer will prove why your spouse could be a danger to the mental and physical well-being of the children. Your attorney will also petition to get a child support ruling in place.

Compensation for Damages

If you were injured as a result of a domestic violence situation, the guilty party should be held accountable for any medical bills you accrue. Your lawyer will also build a case to ensure you’re awarded any other damages for which you qualify. This may include pain and suffering or lost wages.

If you’ve been the victim of domestic violence, find a safe place and leave. Then be sure to call a lawyer to represent you before a judge. You may be eligible for monetary compensation, or you may choose to obtain a restraining order. Visit Website for more information regarding domestic violence cases.