Why It’s Important To Contact Child Support Lawyers In Temecula During Custody Disputes

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Lawyers

When a couple that has children together decides it is time to end their relationship, a time full of emotional outbursts and frequent disagreements is likely to ensue. Even if both sides have the interest of their children at heart, it is still possible for them to get caught up in their inner turmoil and make decisions or take actions that limit their children’s ability to live a healthy life. Don’t let emotions take their toll when Child Support Lawyers in Temecula are standing by to offer guidance and support when it comes time to discuss custody arrangements.

Primary Custody Resolution

A judge will likely assign primary custody to one parent in situations where the other is not able to show proof of stability at home and financial independence. Though the measure is designed to protect the children, it will likely leave one side feeling left out and frustrated. An attorney will work with the court system to determine the best living situation for any children and enforce the decision to the fullest extent the law allows.

Child Support Payments

Child support agreements are designed to provide the primary parent with financial assistance, and though some couples will reach payment terms on their own, others are not so lucky. A court will review the financial information of both parents and determine what amount is necessary to maintain the standard of living any kids involved are accustomed to having. The payments are then ordered by the court and legally required.

Visitation Agreements

The parent not granted full custody will still have rights, but often they will receive more controlled visitation access. Child Support Lawyers in Temecula will petition the court to either have these visits supervised or unsupervised depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. Either way, it is imperative to have these safety regulations administered by a court to stave off future legal fallouts.

Don’t let the stress of a divorce impede on the needs of any kids that may be involved in the process. The Law Office of Michelle Penna will help a parent determine the most favorable outcome and use the court system to bring it to fruition. Be sure to click here to learn more and take the first step in preserving the physical and mental safety of everyone involved.