Secure Payments for Child Support in Douglasville, GA

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Child Custody

When you go through a divorce or separate from the father of your child, your financial situation can become distressing. Children continue to need things, even when their parents are going through changes. Filing for child support can usually be done quickly; however, payments do not always happen. It often takes a lawyer to get the payments started.

How it Should Work

You may go through the divorce and have your child support amount determined by a judge. The parent with the child in custody is responsible for filing to receive payments. Once this is done, the paying parent also needs to set things up by providing information about employment. Child support is often removed from the paycheck to care for the child. Unfortunately, it is easy for parents to evade the system by switching jobs, not reporting cash income, or moving away. Child support in Douglasville, GA can be settled by visiting a lawyer.

When to get Help

It may be best to employ a lawyer to help if child support payments are not made on time. If months have gone by and there has been no payment, it is time to get help from a lawyer. Business Name can help you get the payments that you are owed. You may need help finding a parent, serving them papers, or returning to court.

A child should not have to do without necessities because a parent refuses to pay their bills. Lawyers often must step in to make sure the law is followed. Changes can be made with the help of a qualified lawyer. Visit website for more details.