Issues to Discuss with Your Accident Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

When meeting with an Accident Attorney in Grand Rapids MI people often don’t know what questions to ask or what they need to be looking for. As most initial consultations only last an hour, however, a potential client needs to ask as many questions as they can to obtain the maximum amount of information. Following are some things to discuss during this meeting.


Personal injury lawsuits take time to resolve. As a result, many individuals wonder if it is going to be worth their time to fight the case. An experienced attorney can provide information as to how much a person may expect to get based on their personal experience with similar cases. Although this is no guarantee a person will get a similar amount, it does give them a better idea of whether they wish to proceed. Many factors go into this calculation, and a person not familiar with the law may overlook one or more of these factors.

What Is the Role of the Victim?

Some individuals wish to be very involved in their lawsuit, and others want to have an attorney handle everything. Determine where the attorney stands on this and see if it fits with your desire to play a role. This may depend in part on the injuries sustained and the medical care needed to treat these injuries. A person who must undergo extensive rehabilitation, for example, might wish to focus solely on that and let the attorney deal with all other matters. Click here for more details.

Who Handles the Case?

In certain cases, victims find they meet with an attorney during the initial consultation. This is the last time they see the attorney, however, until they reach the negotiation stage or go to trial. Learn who will be working with the case throughout the process and ask to meet these individuals. Furthermore, be sure to ask who to speak to in the event an issue arises.

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