What Unemployed Spouses Should Know About Divorce in Dayton OH

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Legal Services

Divorce is rarely so simple that neither party needs a lawyer. In fact, when one spouse handled the finances for all or most of the marriage and the other spouse doesn’t think they can afford to hire a lawyer, they really need one. Taking a husband or wife’s word for how much money or assets their are to divide is a huge mistake. In many cases, the more financially savvy spouse will make an offer that seems generous but is really only a small portion of what their spouse would receive if they went to court.

Many marriages have this arrangement and it often works well for them. One spouse may focus on raising the children and the other on earning money and paying the bills. As long as they are both upfront with each other about how much money is coming in and how much is going out, this arrangement can serve the family well. However, when the spouse who manages the family budget is less than honest about the family income or assets, this can cause a serious problem if the couple ever gets divorced.

A spouse that doesn’t have access to the family financial information could be at a significant disadvantage in a divorce in Dayton OH. It’s important to consult with an attorney right away. In these situations, it won’t be hard for a dishonest spouse to hide money, real estate, business interests or any other assets they want to keep for themselves. To ensure they get their fair share of the marital assets, it might be necessary to bring in financial professionals to analyze the couple’s tax returns and other financial information to uncover all of their assets.

Getting a divorce in Dayton OH is not something a person has to do on their own. The fact that one spouse didn’t earn an income during the marriage does not mean they are not entitled to an equitable portion of assets acquired while they were married. Visit us before signing any documents forfeiting your rights to any cash, retirement accounts, real estate or businesses. An attorney could explain your rights and may help you get what you deserve.