Why Should Defendants Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mount Vernon, WA?

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Lawyers

Dealing with criminal charges is something no one wants to have to face. Whether one is guilty or innocent of the crimes they are being charged with, they have the right to legal counsel. When one is represented by an attorney, they will face less stress and will be able to get the best outcome possible in their trial. This information will allow people to better understand why they should consider hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mount Vernon WA.

While anyone facing criminal charges can find help with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mount Vernon WA, those facing possible jail time will especially want to be represented by an attorney. While hiring an attorney cannot guarantee a positive outcome, facing a judge, jury, and prosecutor alone can be especially risky. When one hires an attorney, they have an advocate working on their side to ensure their rights are protected in the process.

An attorney will first attempt to try and work with the prosecutor. The prosecutor is the one that brings formal charges and works to sway the judge and jury to convict. Plea bargaining is crucial for any defendant and can allow charges to be reduced or even dropped. Most prosecutors refuse to negotiate with defendants alone. An attorney can sometimes work with the prosecutor on behalf of his client for an improved outcome.

Negotiations are important for determining the outcome of a trial and are also important for sentencing should a defendant be found guilty. Reducing sentencing is crucial to help a defendant avoid jail time. While this is not always possible, the chances of a favorable outcome are increased when a defendant has legal counsel.

It is important a person does all they can to protect their rights and best interests by placing their case in the hands of an attorney. Following their attorney’s advice and guidance can make a big difference in the outcome.

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