What to Do When the Company Won’t Front the Bills After Trucking Accidents in College Park

One truck crashes into another. The results are potentially catastrophic. One driver was on the clock. The other was not. What happens now? This is not exactly an uncommon scenario. Commercial drivers get into accidents often. Typically, the company will front the bill and cover the financial aspects of the case. But, there are scenarios where the company will not pay for the incident in any capacity. What happens then?

Firstly, this article is not formal legal advice. It only offers a broad outline of what a client can expect given some basic information. For detailed case information, contact the Jaklitsch Law Group for a consultation.

The short answer to this predicament is the need for legal representation. If a company is shown to be hostile or not totally willing to work with the employee, it is paramount to get outside representation. It is also essential to get representation that is not connected to the company. This brings forward a potential conflict-of-interest. It can also be a legal firm that has the best interests of the company in mind. It is a nightmare scenario best avoided.

The second thing to do is not just take the word of the company. Yes, they could have been very loyal. They could even be correct in their assessment of not paying for the incident or only paying for a certain amount of it. The driver could have been intoxicated. He or she could have been clocked out. There are variables at play that could complicate matters. Regardless, it is never right to just roll over and take a bad or unfavorable assessment after Trucking Accidents in College Park. It may be that the company is trying to pull a fast one.

Fair legal representation after an accident is deserved for everyone. But, not everyone gets it. Whether we like it or not, great legal help needs to often be sought after. When the road seems unfavorable, legal help can get it back on track. Trucking Accidents in College Park can take a life, lose the jobs of those involved, and become an unfair disaster for those who don’t stick up for what they believe in.

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