What Can Bail Bondsman In Clayton County Do?

In Georgia, criminal defendants must complete all booking procedures before they are eligible for release from jail. After they are booked an arraignment is scheduled, and they appear before a judge. The process is completed during the day or night depending on the availability of the judge. A Bail Bondsman in Clayton County can provide several services for the criminal defendant and help them through the process.

Representation of the Defendant

While the bail bondsman is not an attorney and cannot provide legal representation, they can present the defendant with negotiations options. The bail bondsman can negotiate with the judge to lower the value of the bail bond. The process requires the defendant to be released into the bail bondsman’s custody. The action makes the bail bondsman directly responsible for getting the defendant to all court dates.

Providing a Bail Bond

The defendant can secure their own bond based on the availability of payment options. The criminal defendant cannot access their personal belongings directly when they are in jail. However, the defendant can arrange for the release of their personal effects to a family member. The assignment allows the defendant to provide the bail bondsman with a payment for the bail bond.

Once the payment is received, the bondsman can file the appropriate documents with the judge. Once the documents are filed, the bondsman can acquire custody of the defendant directly from the county jail. The process may take a few hours to complete.

Appearing in Court

If the defendant was released to the bail bondsman, the bondsman would assist the defendant by bringing him or her to court. The strategy prevents a failure to appear. If the defendant wouldn’t have a ride otherwise, the process could help all parties involve and prevent further criminal charges.

In Georgia, criminal defendants are released from jail after they pay the bail or acquire a bond. If they cannot afford to pay their bail, the bond is available at a lower percentage of the total bail. Defendants who need the services provided by a Bail Bondsman in Clayton County can visit the website for more information right now.

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