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by | Dec 28, 2017 | Lawyers

It might be that you have found yourself the defendant in a DUI case, and are looking to preserve your reputation. It might be that you are facing a set of more serious charges, and need to protect not just your good name, but your livelihood and well-being from the potential of possible jail time as well. It might be that your livelihood is under attack in another way, namely that you have been the unfortunate party in an unwarranted and unlawful case of personal injury, and are seeking the compensation you deserve.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain – you’re going to want to work with one of the best law firms in the Washington state area. Here are just a few ways in which Corbin T. Volluz and associates can help you defend your rights.

Criminal Cases

Should you find yourself as the defendant in a criminal case, you are naturally going to want the best legal representation possible, and with good reason. The social implications of being involved in such a case can be quite severe, and the immense financial and legal penalties for a conviction are even more so.

Corbin T. Volluz has worked for decades to help fight for the rights of his clients. He will put together the most comprehensive defense possible for you, provide you with invaluable legal counsel at all times, and will put those decades of past success to work in fighting for your future.

Personal Injury

Cases of personal injury can be extremely problematic for those affected by them. On the one hand, you may be rendered grievously injured by such an injury, and thus require treatment, but at the same time the cost of such treatment may prove financially crippling in its own accord.

Corbin T. Volluz has a long history of fighting for clients’ rights with respect to cases of personal injury. Whether you’ve been hurt as the result of corporate negligence, medical malfeasance, or in any other fashion, he will fight for your right to compensation and will likewise work to help you find the best means by which to cover any medical bills and restore your livelihood as soon as possible.

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