Reviewing Pedestrian Laws with an Accident Attorney in Norfolk, VA

In Virginia, pedestrian laws are in place to mitigate the risk of an accident and/or injury. Pedestrians and drivers must follow the laws according to all state codes. Any violation of the law could present a liability based on the circumstances presented. An accident attorney in Norfolk, VA can offer an explanation for common pedestrian laws.

Virginia State Code 46.2-924

The law requires all drivers to yield the right of way for all pedestrians in a crosswalk. The automobile driver must stop when the pedestrian is halfway through the crosswalk approaching the driver’s lane. The ruling requires the driver to stop at any time that the pedestrian is in danger while crossing the street. However, state laws prohibit pedestrians from crossing busy intersections.

Virginia State Code 46.2-923-924

The law prohibits the pedestrian from interfering with the flow of traffic. The pedestrian must cross roadways via a crosswalk or by using the most direct route to the opposite side of the road. The law allows pedestrians to cross streets that don’t possess a crosswalk when traffic has stopped only.

Virginia State Code 46.2-925

The law outlines the requirements for pedestrians when pedestrian control signals are presented. The pedestrian may cross the street only when the “Walk” indicator light is illuminated. Any pedestrian that crosses when the “Don’t Walk” indicator light is illuminated is in violation of the law. Pedestrians who violate the law could be held at a comparative fault for any injuries they sustain.

Virginia State Code 46.2-926

As explained, no pedestrian is permitted to walk into the path of moving traffic to cross when visibility is limited. A failure to comply could lead to a serious accident with injuries.

Virginia State Code 46.2-28

The law explains the use of sidewalks provided by the city. Pedestrians are not allowed to walk near the street when a sidewalk is available. If a sidewalk isn’t readily available, the pedestrian must travel on the left side of the street.

In Virginia, pedestrian laws outline requirements for crossing roadways. The rulings impose limitations that lower the chances of an accident or fatality. Pedestrians who need to start a claim should contact an accident attorney in Norfolk, VA or visit website right now.

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