Order of Protection: Why a Lawyer Who Practices Family Law in Walker, MN May Recommend This Action

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Family Lawyer

Breakdowns in relationships can take a number of forms. Different approaches to securing safety for a victim call for utilizing the type of legal protection that is best suited to the situation. A lawyer who practices family law in Walker, MN many recommend what is known as an order of protection as the most practical way to ensure the safety of the client. Here are some things clients should know about this approach before proceeding.

What Is an Order of Protection?

This type of order is typically used in situations involving domestic abuse. As the lawyer offering counsel about family law in Walker, MN, the goal is to establish specific safeguards to prevent the abuse from continuing.

The respondent identified in the order does not necessarily have to be a spouse. The individual may be an adult child, a sibling, a parent, or some other relative. The court would also recognize situations in which unrelated individuals who reside under the same roof are named as respondents. Orders of protection have also been issued when two people who have a child together are involved whether they are still living under the same roof or not.

What Does the Order Provide?

This type of legal action provides several key protections for the victim. The most important have to do with physical distance. Many orders of this type forbid the respondent from entering the home or even setting foot on the property of the victim. The victim’s workplace is also considered inaccessible to the respondent. when minor children are involved and there is some reason to believe the respondent may retaliate, the schools of those kids will also be considered out of bounds.

Communications are only done through third parties, like legal representatives. This means the respondent will not email the victim, attempt to make phone calls, or make contact by means of social media.

If the victim and the respondent are spouses and the legal action has become necessary due to physical or emotional abuse, the respondent will be charged with paying for his or her own moving expenses, surrender all documents related to the kids to the custodial parent, and agree to supervised visitation only.

If abuse has taken place, call Brainerd, Minnesota law firm today. Together, it will be possible to identify the most practical legal means of ending the abuse and making sure the victim remains safe.