Get Help 24 Hours a Day From a Bail Bond Company in Midwest City Oklahoma

Being arrested and booked by the police can be a very scary experience. No one wants to be in jail for any amount of time, so once the arraignment process is complete and bail is set, a bail bond company in Midwest City Oklahoma can come to the rescue.

A bail bondsman is someone who is called by the accused to get out of jail as soon as possible. Depending on the charges, bail can be set low, high or not at all. The judge who determines the bail amount often takes several things into consideration when setting the bail amount: employment, family, community involvement, length of time living in the area, past arrest record, and the seriousness of the reason for the arrest. Most bail bonds companies are available 24/7 because people can be arrested any time. The bondsman shows up, pays the bail and the accused is free to go until the court date, which was set by the judge.

It sounds very simple, but the fact is, now, the accused has to answer to the bondsman. There is no leaving town without permission from the bondsman. Also, either the accused, a family member or a friend has paid a percentage of the bail to the bondsman by way of securing property, cash or bond. If the accused violates the bail bond company’s rules, all of that collateral can be lost forever. If the accused fails to show up for the assigned court date, the bail bondsman will lose the money posted for bail and will search for the accused to receive reimbursement of the lost funds to the court.

In most instances, working with a bail bond company is a pleasant and successful experience. Bail bondsman understand when someone calls for help, they may be stressed over the fact that a loved one is in jail and needs to get out. It is also stressful to have to pay money immediately to secure their release. A bondsman will ask for up to 10% of the actual bail cost from the person who called to request a bail bond to release the accused. That money is non-refundable as it’s part of the fee for the bondsman who assures the court that the accused will show up for the assigned court date.

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