Benefits Of Hiring A Social Security Lawyer In Grand Haven

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Attorneys

When a person is too sick or injured to continue working, they are eligible for Social Security benefits. Unfortunately, the requirements one must meet to start receiving their benefits are very stringent. If the individual wants to be sure their application would be approved, they should contact a to. There are several ways a lawyer can help.

A Realistic Evaluation of the Case

Most lawyers who deal with Social Security cases understand what constitutes a disability. Before the individual goes through the entire application and appeals process, they should speak with a lawyer to find out if they have a good chance of being awarded benefits.

Preparing the Claim

Filling out the Social Security application and preparing all of the documentation can be very confusing. A lawyer can make sure the application is filled out properly, and all of the necessary documentation has been gathered. This will reduce the risk of the application being denied.

Assistance With Appeals

Many people who apply for Social Security benefits are denied the first time for one of a number of reasons. If this happens, they would need to file an appeal in a timely fashion. A lawyer would understand the appeals process and would be aware of the very strict deadlines.

Management of Evidence

For an application to be approved, the Social Security Administration would require a great deal of evidence regarding the individual’s illness or injury. This means getting documentation from the individual’s doctors. They would also need the results of the individual’s lab work and other tests. A lawyer would be able to communicate with the individual’s doctors to make sure all of the evidence is gathered.

Representation at the Hearing

If the individual’s application goes through the appeals process, they may be required to attend a hearing. Their best chance of receiving benefits is to have a lawyer there to represent them. There is a lot that goes into the hearing the average person may know nothing about.

If an individual can no longer work due to injury or illness, they still need to support themselves. This is where Social Security benefits can help. The person’s best chance of being approved for benefits is to hire a Social Security Lawyer in Grand Haven. For more information, contact there.