Options for Spouses After Domestic Violence in Atlantic City NJ

When a relationship that was once loving turns violent, the victim has the option to use the family court system to get protection for themselves and their children. Domestic violence can be frightening for the victim and the children involved. To obtain the best possible outcome, it’s important for a victim of domestic violence in Atlantic City NJ to seek legal assistance right away. Filing the necessary orders of protection will ensure the local police departments are aware of the situation and know to offer immediate assistance if they are contacted.

The best way to get started is by contacting an order of protection attorney at the Law Office of Mark D. Kargman. An attorney could explain the law regarding the domestic violence, stalking and orders of protection and can give a victim advice to help them make the best decisions regarding their unique situation. It’s important for anyone who has been victimized by another person to know the limits of an order of protection, so they don’t feel too secure and let their guard down. While having this order might ensure the local police will arrest the spouse if they are caught in violation, it won’t necessarily stop that person from trying to violate the court order.

There are laws regarding Domestic Violence in Atlantic City NJ. While people who abuse, harass or stalk their spouses or ex-spouses may face criminal penalties, applying for an order of protection is often a wise decision because it offers protection after the perpetrator is released from jail. Because this order limits the amount of contact a perpetrator has with the victim, it might give a person whose family has been affected by domestic violence the time and space they need to decide how they want to proceed with the relationship.

In many cases, the obvious next step is divorce and an experienced attorney may be able to help their client with that. Another option is counseling. Some couples are able to recover from domestic violence in Atlantic City NJ and have a stronger relationship after going through couple or family counseling. With an order of protection, a spouse can take their time making this choice.

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