I Was Injured on a Jet Ski – Can I Sue the Rental Company?

With the proximity of Lake Michigan, as well as an abundance of rivers and inland lakes, it’s no wonder that tourists and residents alike enjoy a wide variety of water sports throughout the Chicagoland area. However, boating and jet ski accidents are quite common and pose a serious risk to both operators and passengers. The hazards involved are significant and can lead to life-threatening injuries or death.

Often, a jet ski operator is seriously injured in an accident that they could have avoided if it were not for the negligent or reckless action of others. Many of these accidents occur because of watercraft operators who are intoxicated or operating their watercraft in a negligent manner. Other common causes include negligence on the part of the jet ski rental company, falling off the jet ski while traveling at a high rate of speed, colliding with debris, docks, buoys, or other various objects, and equipment failure. If you or someone you care about has been injured while riding a jet-ski or any other piece of recreational equipment, we recommend speaking with a knowledgeable Waukegan personal injury lawyer.

Accidents Resulting from Inadequate Instruction

Companies that rent jet skis are responsible for providing sufficient instruction to their customers. Often, they fail to do this, and the jet ski operator does not have any understanding of how to operate the equipment in a restricted area or a boating lane. This can result in serious injury to the operator as well as other boaters and their passengers.

Legal Assistance for an Individual Injured in a Jet Ski Accident

Filing a claim for any type of accident is complex. However, when it comes to a claim involving a jet ski accident, it can be especially confusing. This process often requires the skills of a dedicated Waukegan jet ski accident attorney. Most successful jet ski injury claims are based on the negligence of others. The injured party must be able to show that “but for” the action of the responsible party, he or she would not have suffered injury.

Suing the Manufacturer or Rental Company

When it comes to suing the jet ski manufacturer, the lawsuit must prove that the jet ski was defective. Jet ski rental companies can be held responsible if the liability waiver is poorly written or not legally binding. They may also be liable if they failed to adhere to the jet ski laws regulated by the state of Illinois, they failed to provide adequate instruction, or they provided improperly maintained or malfunctioning jet skis

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