Starting An Auto Accident Claim With An Accident Lawyer In Waldorf

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Lawyers

In Maryland, auto accidents result in serious injuries often and leave victims with high costs and severe property damage. After an accident, it is recommended that all victims seek medical attention to record any injuries they sustained. An Accident Lawyer in Waldorf helps claimants with a lawsuit when insurance proceeds aren’t available.

Reporting the Accident

After any car accident, victims must contact law enforcement to the scene of the accident. Officers evaluate the scene and determine who is at fault for the accident. The report reflects all the information acquired by the officers. All parties must send the accident report to their insurer.

The Responsibilities of the At-Fault Driver

The at-fault driver must file a claim with their insurer to acquire coverage for the victim’s medical expenses and auto repair expenses. If the driver doesn’t have insurance, the victims must file a legal claim to get compensation. Any driver who causes an accident and doesn’t have insurance faces additional fines and penalties.

Collecting Information About the Victim

Medical records and auto repair estimates provide evidence for victims of auto accidents. The exact injuries define the full liability of the at-fault driver. For example, disfigurements and permanent injuries could increase the monetary award for the victims.

The repair estimates define the liability for property damage. Insurers require at least three estimates when filing a claim. It is recommended that the victim acquire the three estimates for their legal claim, too.

Starting the Claim

The attorney collects all the information about the accident, the victim’s injuries, and property damage. All calculations are included in the claim, and the medical evidence is submitted. If the claimant wins, they receive economic damages for all their financial losses. Some tort-based awards are available for pain and suffering.

In Maryland, auto accidents are a common event that leads to lawsuits. At-fault drivers who fail to maintain insurance coverage make up the greatest percentage of defendants in lawsuits. The medical expenses and auto repair requirements are added to the claim to represent the victim’s losses. Victims of auto accidents who need to hire an Accident Lawyer in Waldorf contact Jaklitsch Law Group right now.