How To Hire An Arlington Bondsman

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Bail Bonds

In Texas, criminal defendants approach a bonding agent after they are arrested, and bail is set. The agents offer a multitude of bonds that meet the needs of all criminal defendants. An Arlington Bondsman explains the process of obtaining a bail bond.

Get Details About the Defendant

All criminal defendants must provide information to the bonding agent to get a bail bond. They can ask a representative to provide the details if the correctional officers won’t allow them to speak to a bondsman personally. The defendant provides their full name, the booking number, and the name of the jail where they are held.

Calculate the Right Amount of Money

It is best for the representative to find out how much the bail is before approaching a bonding agent. Most bonding agents charge about 10% of the bail amount for a bail bond. However, some fees range up to 14% of the bail. The calculation helps them establish if they can afford to pay for the bond.

Use Collateral When Needed

Collateral is accepted by all bonding agents. However, the representative or the defendant must own the property outright before it is used for collateral. The bonding agents need proof of ownership for all assets presented as collateral. The options are real estate, automobiles, jewelry, and financial accounts. The collateral must have the same value as the fee or greater.

Discuss All Repercussions

The bonding agent explains all repercussions of using a bail bond. First, the defendant is required to attend their court appearance or face a new arrest. All terms of their release must be meet according to how they are explained by the correctional officers. If the defendant doesn’t comply, they could face additional charges. A failure to appear leads to the seizure of any collateral used for the bond.

In Texas, criminal defendants hire a bonding agent to get them out of the county jail. The agents offer standard and federal bail bonds as required for the defendant’s arrest. A representative for the defendant provides a payment or collateral to secure the bond. Criminal defendants who want to hire an Arlington Bondsman can contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds right now.