What Should You Know Before Seeking a Surety Bond Agent in Tyler TX?

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Getting out of jail is the top priority for those who have been arrested. No one wants to sit in jail and await their trial. Thankfully, many individuals are granted bond and able to bail themselves out. When the bail amount is too much, individuals can rely on a Surety Bond Agent in Tyler TX.

What Should Individuals Know Before Hiring a Bondsman?

There are a few things a person should know before they hire a Surety Bond Agent in Tyler TX. Knowing these things will help individuals to be able to make the right choices when it comes to hiring a bondsman to help a loved one get out of jail.

  • It is imperative the bondsman is properly licensed. Hiring a licensed bail bondsman will help to ensure the right choice is made. It is against the law for an individual to provide bonding services without a proper license.
  • Individuals need to make sure they only work with a bondsman who will provide a written contract. Everything should be in writing, including the stipulations of the bonding agreement. An individual should never work with a bondsman who does not offer a written contract.
  • It is important individuals understand they will need to pay a fee for the services. In most cases, this amount is around ten percent of the bail amount. If the bail amount is $10,000, the individual will be required to pay around $1000 for the bondsman’s services. The state is responsible for determining the fee that is paid.
  • Individuals need to know when they sign the bond agreement, they become the guarantor. The guarantor is responsible for ensuring the defendant shows up for all court dates. Should the defendant not show up, a bench warrant will be issued and the guarantor becomes responsible for the entire bail amount and the costs of bringing in the defendant to stand trial.

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