Helpful Advice From a Drunk Driving Defense Attorney in Allen County, IN

As drunk driving laws grow more strict by the year, it is crucial drivers are proactive and prevent themselves from breaking the law. Although most people do not set out to intentionally break the law, alcohol can cause problems in judgement and lead a person to drive while they are under the influence. When a person breaks the law, they still hold certain rights that are afforded to them. It is crucial one works with a drunk driving defense attorney in Allen County, IN to ensure your rights are protected and they have the legal help they need to pursue a better outcome in their case.

The first steps a person needs to take when they have been arrested for drunk driving is to pay attention to their Miranda Rights. Often, people are too upset or too intoxicated to understand these rights, so they do not pay them attention and do not exercise them. Knowing the rights means nothing if one does not exercise them. One of the most important rights one needs to exercise is refusing to answer questions until they have spoken with their drunk driving defense attorney in Allen County, IN.

The police will attempt to question a person as soon as they begin to sober up. Unfortunately, people often end up giving way too much information to the arresting officers and this information ends up being used against them in their court case. It is crucial a person waits until their attorney is present before they begin speaking or answering any questions. The attorney should be present through any questioning to assure the client’s rights are fully protected and they are being treated fairly by the police.

Although hiring an attorney cannot guarantee the outcome of a case, it can make a big difference in how it proceeds. If you are in need of legal help for your drunk driving charges, contact us right away. Through sound legal guidance and representation, you can rest assured your rights will be properly protected as your lawyer works to get you a better outcome in your trial. Call today for your appointment.

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