What Situations Call for Seeing a Lawyer in Topeka, KS?

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Lawyers

At one time or another, everyone will need to seek the services of a lawyer in Topeka, KS. At times, the purpose of the consultation is preventive. In other scenarios, the goal is to deal with a pressing problem that cannot wait. Here are a few examples of why it makes sense to seek legal counsel and ensure that any upcoming actions are in accordance with current laws.

Preparing End of Life Documents

No one lives forever, and eventually, each person will realize the time has come to think about what will happen with their assets and personal effects once death arrives. Rather than making assumptions, the best approach is to see a lawyer in Topeka, KS, and have a few documents prepared.

The last will and testament are easily the most important of those documents. The will can include clauses to ensure that personal effects are passed on to loved ones without any arguments. The provisions can also decide who gets the balances in the bank accounts, who ends up with the property at the lake, and which loved one gets the stock portfolio.

The lawyer can also help the client create trust funds that set aside assets for the care of children or grandchildren. The trust can also be used to ensure money is directed toward a favorite charity.

How About Powers of Attorney?

Various types of powers of attorney designate trusted individuals to make decisions when the client is not in a position to do so. For example, a medical power of attorney empowers a loved one to make medical decisions if the client is not conscious and cannot give consent for essential treatments. A legal power of attorney allows the designated person to handle the business and financial affairs of the client during an extended illness. These documents will go a long way toward ensuring the wishes of the client are honored at all times.

Anyone in need of legal advice or help with preparing legal documents should visit Website Domain today and schedule an appointment. Once the client outlines what those documents need to accomplish, the lawyer will suggest which types of documents are needed and how to ensure the text leaves no room for doubt about the client’s whishes.