Drug Crime Lawyers Remain Vital for the Large Numbers of People Arrested for Marijuana Possession

A 2016 report has found that U.S. law enforcement officials make more arrests for possession of marijuana than for violent crimes of any sort. Many of the nation’s residents believe this is a waste of time and money, but states have been slow to decriminalize marijuana possession. Some, such as Kansas, still allow judges to issue severe penalties for someone holding a very small amount of the drug. A person found to have just enough marijuana for one cigarette, commonly called a joint, can be incarcerated for a full year in Kansas. Drug Crime Lawyers provide legal representation when someone has been charged with possession and is facing terrible consequences.

It’s a scary situation for a person who occasionally smokes a little marijuana and keeps a small amount on hand. This individual has probably never been in trouble with the law before. He or she is likely to be a productive member of society, working full-time or going to school. Being convicted of drug possession and being sentenced to several months in prison is a frightening possibility. Drug Crime Lawyers put forth substantial effort to prevent this from occurring. They work to convince the prosecution to drop or reduce the charges or have a judge dismiss the case. If this is impossible, a plea bargain at least allows the individual to serve a sentence of probation instead of incarceration.

Government officials generally are open to negotiations that keep these offenders out of jail and even out of court. The court system, as well as jails and prisons, tend to be overloaded, and incarcerating someone for a relatively minor offense adds to the problem. Even before trial, many people who have been arrested on simple drug possession charges have to remain in jail because they cannot afford bail.

Drug use has not decreased since the so-called War on Drugs was initiated, and the measure has proved to be a resounding failure. Nevertheless, it is very difficult for an individual to accomplish this without skilled legal representation. A person who has been charged with possession of marijuana in Kansas is encouraged to contact a law firm like for assistance.

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