Finding Personal Injury Lawyers in Vermont After A Slip And Fall Accident

When someone falls down inside of a retail store, they may want to press charges in an attempt to receive monetary compensation to pay off any doctor’s bills they have accumulated. If the store was negligent in how they had handled their flooring maintenance, the person who had fallen has a good chance of winning their case. With help from one of the Personal Injury Lawyers in Vermont, the following steps can be taken to help in proving who was at fault for the incident.

Find Witnesses Who Saw The Accident Happen

If anyone was present in the area at the time the accident occurred, they should be asked if they could write up a statement about what they had seen. These people may be able to be present at a courtroom appearance to give their synopsis of the incident to help prove who had been at fault. If possible, find out if any employees had seen the incident as well. If there is a maintenance log showing that the floor was not serviced properly, this may be helpful in proving fault as well.

Get Footage Showing What The Floor Looked Like

After someone falls, they should try to take photographs of the floor with their cell phone. This will show what the floor had appeared like at the time of the incident, should the store decide to make repairs afterward in an attempt to hide evidence.

Make Sure To Get Medical Assistance Promptly

Failing to go to a hospital to be checked over after the incident occurs, can lead to doubt than an injury had occurred at the retail store. It is best to call an ambulance as soon as the fall happens. Asking the doctor to provide documentation about the extent of any injuries will be helpful in a courtroom appearance. It is also best to follow all instructions given by a physician, including taking any medication.

When an injured party needs to find one of the Personal Injury Lawyers in Vermont, they will want to choose someone known for their professionalism and competitive pricing. Contact McVeigh Skiff LLP today to find out more about the services they offer and to set up an appointment for a consultation if desired.

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