What to do When Your Workers Compensation Claim in Wilkes Barre, PA has Been Denied

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Lawyers

Anyone who has ever had a job has likely heard about workers compensation. Hopefully, those same people never had to file a claim for workers compensation. However, in the event that a person has to file a Workers Compensation Claim in Wilkes Barre PA, it might be important to prepare for the worst case scenario.

A Simple Unwillingness to Pay

Workers compensation claims can cost an insurance carrier that provides this type of coverage for businesses a great deal of money. Whether it’s compensating an employee for missed wages, immediate medical care and ongoing medical and rehabilitation care, the cost for a simple injury can be quite significant. With that said, it’s not surprising that insurance companies that provide workers compensation coverage may balk at the idea of paying out so much money.

Questioning the Circumstances Surrounding a Workplace Injury

An insurance company will often try to question the nature of an injury or the circumstances surrounding it. So often, a claim will be denied because an insurance company has determined that an injury was due to the negligence of an employee and not as a direct result of the tasks that they were directed to perform.

Be Prepared to Take Legal Action

In these situations, it may be important to consider the prospect of speaking to a workers compensation attorney. If a person is preparing to file a claim, it may go smoothly, but the person filing the claim could receive some push back from the workers compensation insurance provider. This can result in questions about a Workers Compensation Claim in Wilkes Barre PA or it could mean an outright refusal or a rejection of a workers compensation claim.

If you’re facing issues with an insurance carrier, it may be time to look for a workers compensation attorney to be your advocate. Whether the case gets resolved quickly once an attorney gets involved or the attorney has to work through negotiations or through a lawsuit to get you the compensation you need, it’s a path that many people will have to take. If you have questions about the claims process or if you are in need of an attorney immediately, you may want to check on a website like domain URL. You can also visit them on Google My Business.