Personal Injury Attorneys in Live Oak, FL Help Victims of Distracted Driving

Everyone takes a risk when they get into a car. Regardless of how careful a person is while they are driving, there’s still a chance they could get into an accident due to someone else’s negligence. People are more distracted today than ever before and it’s essential for drivers to not only pay attention to traffic signs but to also be aware of distracted drivers.


Smartphones allow people to talk, text, access the internet, navigate the city streets and use apps. They are great to use around the house, on the bus or in public places. They aren’t so great for using while driving. If a driver needs help navigating, they should program their phone before they get on the road and use the speaker in their car to hear the directions. A smartphone shouldn’t be used for anything other than navigation while driving. Far too many people hit other cars and even pedestrians because they are distracted by their phones. Victims of these accidents should contact personal injury attorneys in Live Oak, FL right away to learn about their rights to compensation.


New cars are designed to provide a lot of entertainment options, including satellite radio, syncing with smartphones to listen to music or even watch videos. These things are not for a driver to manipulate while they’re driving. It’s okay for passengers to use them and even control them on behalf of the driver. When the driver needs to change the radio or switch to a different YouTube video, they put themselves at risk and can cause an otherwise preventable crash. The person or people in the other car could be seriously injured. It’s important to get in touch with personal injury attorneys in Live Oak, FL to ensure their expenses are paid and they are adequately compensated.

Accident victims can learn more about their rights by consulting with an is a great place to start. Anyone who has been involved in an accident that was caused by a distracted driver may be compensated for the time they lose from work, their medical expenses and vehicle damage.

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