Why Victims Shouldn’t Think Twice About Hiring Car Accident Lawyers in Harford County, MD

Automobile accidents can be scary, especially when they result in a serious injury. However, what many victims fail to realize is that the aftermath of an accident can easily turn out to be even more frightening. This is especially true as injured victims watch their medical bills pile up and wonder how they’re going to afford them. In cases like these, it’s vital that victims seek help from experienced car accident lawyers in Harford County, MD.

For Maryland residents who have been considering bringing a lawsuit against a negligent driver or their insurance company without proper legal assistance, here’s why that’s never a good idea:

1. Maryland’s personal injury laws are unique in the fact that they are predicated on the concept of contributory negligence rather than comparative negligence. While the latter leaves room for the victim to have played some role in the accident, contributory negligence laws bar them from bringing a case if they are even 1% responsible for what happened. Experienced car accident lawyers in Harford County, MD can help victims navigate these complicated laws and prove their case beyond a shadow of a doubt.

2. Insurance companies pursue their own interests. In every case, these companies have one goal: to save money by paying out as little as possible to accident victims. As the lawyers at Markeyorsilaw.com know all too well, insurers in the process of discovery often don’t hesitate to call victims and attempt to get them to say something incriminating and invalidate their case. A good attorney will be able to advocate on the victim’s behalf, fielding these phone calls and preventing them from being bullied into saying the wrong thing.

Simply put, personal injury cases are notoriously complex and difficult for non-experts to handle. Having a knowledgeable attorney to represent injured victims can prevent them from having to do all of the legwork for the case while they’re seeking treatment and trying to heal and ensure they’re not leaving money on the table. Most importantly, it can mean the difference between losing out on critical funds to pay medical bills and make up for lost wages and actually getting the compensation they truly deserve.

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