Interpreting Key Stats and Your Courses of Action in Situations Related to Wrongful Death in Hurricane, WV

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Lawyers

The media has led us to think that vehicular casualties are the top causes of unintended deaths in North America, but this impression is wholly incongruous when bearing in mind the treacherous frequency of fatalities traced to misconduct in the healthcare sector.

Each year, the total sum of wrongful death scenarios in the medical niche eclipse roadway mortalities by a factor of three or four, and nearly 22% of all doctor’s mistakes end in the patient passing away prematurely.

Facts and Realities to Take into Consideration

The first thing you have to comprehend with respect to a wrongful death case is that these legal measures have nothing to do with the criminal or illicit sides of the law. In fact, the preponderance of allotted settlements do not involve a practitioner or facility that’s been found guilty of criminality:

  • Between unintentional injuries, automotive collisions, inadvertent poisonings, workroom fatalities, risky public premises, man made product mishaps, and other wrongful death developments, as many as a quarter-million Americans unpredictably perish each year.
  • Nevertheless, it is believed that hundreds of millions of settlement dollars remain unredeemed because viable accusers never come forward to take the basic legal steps.
  • Somewhere in the range of 55-70% of families that get caught up in the aftershock of a potentially neglectful death never consult with a specialized legal advocate. They customarily interact with health insurance providers and life insurance companies to handle the financial aspects of post-fatality concerns.

Along these lines, it’s worth stating that every situation even remotely associated with wrongful death in Hurricane, WV requires legal backing from an expert that can call the signals with insurance syndicates, prosecutors, judges, and the blameworthy entity in the best interests of your family.

Your First Move Should Be to Meet With a Wrongful Death Specialist

To avoid becoming mired in setbacks, logjams, and holding patterns after the death of a close relative, you are urged to put your faith and future in the hands of a tested and proven legal firm – such as Holtzapfel Law Offices, PLLC – because you should have the time and space to mourn without worrying about securing financial justice.