Why Hiring an Accident Lawyer Is the Smart Thing to Do

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Lawyers

Some people feel that hiring an accident lawyer after a traffic accident is an exaggeration. But in fact, it is the only wise move to make. Here are some of the things that the legal counsel can do on behalf of the client.

Dealing with the Insurance Company
After the accident is reported and the paperwork is done, the next move is filing claims with an insurance company. That will mean dealing with an adjuster and seeking to come to some type of resolution. While that seems to be a straightforward process, having an accident lawyer is in the interests of the client.

Adjusters have a vested interest in keeping the payout as low as possible. You may notice that when you ask questions they result in answers that shift some of the responsibility to you, the injured party. By referring all requests for information to the lawyer, there will be less chances of making an innocent comment that can be taken out of context. Adjusters tend to become more cooperative when the individual has secured legal counsel.

Seeking a Reasonable Settlement
The lawyer will work to secure a fair settlement for the client. Especially if the medical care that was required after the event made it necessary to take off a few days without pay to recover, or if more medical treatments are needed in the weeks to come. While the insurance company may want to limit the settlement to repairing the damaged vehicle, the lawyer will know what to say and do in order to ensure nothing is overlooked in the settlement process. In a good situation, the client will be able to completely recover from the event and put it firmly in the past where it belongs.

Doing so will ensure that the process of having the car repaired and taking care of the medical bills can proceed without any complications.

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