With Divorce Lawyers Thiensville WI Residents Rely on Help Obtaining Spousal Maintenance

Divorce lawyers Thiensville WI is known for can help when one spouse expects to have trouble obtaining the level of child support and spousal maintenance he or she should have. Spousal maintenance is commonly referred to as alimony. The soon-to-be ex-spouse may have made it clear that all attempts to receive more than the state-mandated amount of support will be fought. This can be a serious problem for someone who hasn’t worked in a long time or makes considerably less money than the husband or wife does. There will probably be no way to continue having the lifestyle the family is accustomed to without additional support.

When it comes to Divorce lawyers Thiensville WI residents rely on these attorneys for effective legal representation. The lawyers understand that judges can be very reasonable in regard to support matters. The amount of support in a situation involving children obviously affects the youngsters as well as the parent whose income drops dramatically because of a divorce. One parent shouldn’t have to live in a low-income hovel while the other enjoys a wealthy lifestyle, especially if they had originally agreed that one parent would be a homemaker and stay-at-home mom or dad. A particular problem with this scenario is that the kids are likely to be impressed with the wealth of one parent while feeling somewhat deprived when they are with the other parent.

An organization such as Fraker Law Firm S.C. helps clients avoid the financial hardships that can result due to a divorce. If the divorcing couple can come to an agreement through mediation or a collaborative process, they can avoid spending the extra time and money going to court over the issue. When a judge decides, he or she looks at factors such as how long the marriage lasted, the discrepancy between income levels and how old the two individuals are. In general, the longer the marriage and the older the spouse is who is asking for maintenance, the better the outcome for that individual. Sometimes spousal support continues for a relatively short time, as spelled out in a legal agreement. In other cases, it may continue indefinitely.

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