Why Consulting with a Back Injury Attorney in Phoenix, AZ Matters

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Lawyers

Sustaining a back injury due to the negligence or intentional actions of another party will mean dealing with a lot of expenses. Along with medical bills, there is the matter of lost wages while the injury heals. If the injury is severe and leads to a permanent condition, the expenses will continue to mount. After seeking medical attention, the next call should be to a back injury attorney in Phoenix, AZ.
Here is what the attorney will do for the client:

Evaluating the Circumstances

One of the first things the back injury attorney in Phoenix, AZ, will want to do is reconstruct the series of events that led to the injury. The goal is to determine if the other party could have taken actions that would have prevented the injury from taking place. During the process, the attorney will also determine if the client contributed to the events in any way. This close scrutiny is essential before the attorney can affirm that the client has a case and provide some idea of the chances of filing suit and convincing a court that the other party is responsible.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

There is a good chance that a representative of the responsible party’s insurance company will be making contact before the injured person gets out of the hospital. The goal is to convince the individual to take an offer now rather than seeking other actions later. There may be veiled hints that if the offer is not accepted it will be withdrawn. Choosing to hire an attorney and directing all inquiries to the legal counsel will help to render this type of activity ineffective.

Seeking a Settlement

When there is no question that the other party is directly responsible for the injury, the potential for negotiating a settlement is there. The legal team for the other party knows well how much it can cost in terms of time and money to fight such a case in court. The fact that the plaintiff is likely to win makes the idea of negotiating all the more attractive.

For anyone who has sustained a back injury and feels another party is responsible, Browse this site and arrange to consult an attorney today. Doing so will be the first step in seeking a fair settlement and obtaining the resources needed to move past the event.