A DUI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD Protects Clients’ Rights and Assembles Defenses

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Lawyers

There is no precise answer to determine how much a person has to drink to exceed the legal limit for safe driving. However, there are ways to estimate whether a person is nearing the legal limit, which is set at .08% in most areas. These methods are based on the person’s weight, the amount of alcohol consumed, and the length of time the person has been drinking. For instance:

  • A person weighing approximately 100 pounds can have one drink before exceeding the legal limit.
  • A person close to 160 pounds can have about three drinks and be below the legal BAC limit.

Despite these methods, it’s best to be safe. If a person has had three or more drinks in succession, they will likely be over the BAC limit and, if they drive, may need a DUI lawyer in Salisbury, MD. Blood alcohol levels depend on the time the person has been drinking. If a person spaces alcohol consumption out over several hours, their BAC will be lower than that of someone who had the same number of drinks in one hour. The rule of thumb is to deduct .01% from the BAC for every forty minutes elapsed while drinking.

Alcohol Serving Sizes

Drivers should consider that the amount of alcohol constituting one serving can vary depending on the type of drink. For instance, 12 oz. of hard liquor contains more alcohol than the same amount of beer and, therefore, it has more significant effects on one’s BAC. Generally, a serving equals one ounce of liquor, 12 ounces of beer, or four ounces of wine.

Other Factors Affecting BAC

Though a person’s weight, the amount consumed, and pacing of consumption play the biggest roles in estimating BAC, other factors are also important.

  • Fatigue can significantly raise BAC. Even if one hasn’t had much alcohol, tiredness can affect judgment.
  • Medicines can have negative effects when consumed with alcohol, and drivers should read warning labels on OTC and prescription medicines before drinking.
  • Drinking with an empty stomach can significantly increase BAC.

Handling a Drunk Driving Arrest

DUI charges are very serious, and anyone arrested for driving under the influence should visit the website to consult with a DUI lawyer in Salisbury, MD right away. An attorney can advise a defendant of their legal rights, and they can help put together a strong defense. The criminal system can be complex, but an attorney can guide the client through it while protecting their interests.