Why Business Litigation Attorneys Win Cases

by | May 15, 2018 | Lawyers

When you get into a business dispute, you want someone with experience on your side. An attorney can help you avoid pitfalls and trumped up issues that make it more difficult to win your dispute. Lawyers can also provide guidance so that you take the right steps to win, whether through paperwork or by trial. A strong law firm with a business litigation attorney in Chicago is your best bet to winning those business cases.

Limit Written Communication
Many business litigation attorneys will tell you that it’s important to keep documentation when you talk to the other side of the lawsuit, and you should never offer communication. Evidence can be collected and used in the admission of the court to refute your case.

Preserve Evidence
Documentation has to be provided to the other side as well. If you have evidence that is on-site, then you could be caught off guard as all parties are entitled to a discovery period. This is more important when you consider electronic data like emails. However, while parties are under obligation to preserve ESI, many do not adhere and accidentally destroy ESI before the trial.

Stop All Verbal Communications
Disputes come down to paperwork and evidence. Any type of verbal communication that isn’t recorded will not be admissible in court, and there are laws regarding verbal recordings in which case you might not be able to permit this evidence in court either. An attorney should be present at every meeting so that you have a record and witness to what was said and agreed upon.

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