If You Need a Social Security Attorney, Find One in Tennessee

Social Security disability benefits are available, but the application process can be daunting, especially when you are not at your best. You can claim benefits yourself but having a knowledgeable Social Security attorney to help will prove beneficial. A disability attorney has experience in dealing with the Social Security Administration in Tennessee, he or she knows how to handle the issues that often arise during the claims process.

When you hire a disability attorney, you now have someone that will be the communicator between the SSA and yourself. The claims process is complex, the language used can be confusing to a layperson; this is not the case for an experienced disability attorney.

In addition to acting as the communication “middleman,” your attorney will:

Review Your Case

Even if you made the initial claim unaided, once you hire an attorney you can expect him or her to review the case from beginning to end. Once your attorney is “up to speed” with your case, he or she will determine the best approach and develop a strategy on how your case can be won.

Make Sure the Claim Is Complete

The biggest mistake that claimants make is not providing the SSA with complete information. Your Social Security attorney will make sure the claim is complete; all the “Ts” will be crossed and all the “Is” dotted.

Collect and Prepare All Supporting Medical Evidence for Submission

Disability claims hinge on the provision of complete and accurate medical evidence. Your attorney will work closely with your doctors in Tennessee, ensuring that all the relevant medical data, including test reports, is included in your claim. Often, an unrepresented claimant will provide too much or too little evidence; an attorney will sift through what is available and determine what is important and what is not. If there is a need for more medical data or a supporting statement, your attorney will get it from your doctors.

A seasoned Social Security attorney can help you win your disability claim. Contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. in Tennessee for help. Visit http://www.lawknox.com and request a free evaluation of your case.

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