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by | May 5, 2016 | Family Lawyer

It’s well-known that women (and sometimes men) are often afraid to fight back against their abuser. The police may be called to the home multiple times and perhaps take the abuser to jail. All too often, the situation remains relatively unchanged when the accuser is back in the home.

Do Restraining Orders Work?

The suggestion is often made to the abuse victim that they obtain a restraining order. Often, the victim is afraid to do that, worried that the abuser will become incensed, return and commit serious bodily harm. Some are worried that they will be killed; in most cases, that doesn’t happen, but that is not a worry to take lightly.

Researchers have found that the most dangerous time for the victim is right after the abuser is informed about the restraining order. For this reason, it is wise to go to a women’s shelter, a hotel or to some other place where the abuser cannot find the victim. Allow time for a cooling off period.

There have been a number of studies that tried to determine whether or not restraining orders were really effective. The results were inconclusive. In two-thirds of the cases, it seems that the existence of the restraining order is a sufficient warning to keep the abuser away from the victim. However, it cannot prevent someone who is really determined from committing harm. After all, if a lone assailant can manage to shoot a President who is surrounded by the best-trained bodyguards in the world, someone with no security is vulnerable. Again, it’s best for the victim to leave for a time if at all possible.

Don’t Live With Continual Abuse

Many victims finally manage to leave only when their children are threatened. Psychological damage to a victim’s self-esteem makes it difficult for them to believe that another way of life is possible for them. An experienced Family Attorney in Bel Air MD will have encountered similar situations. At the very least, someone should seek advice and discover what their legal options are.

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