Starting An Adoption With A Family Law Lawyer In Rochester, MN

In Minnesota, prospective parents who wish to adopt a child must become familiar with the process and the legalities of these proceedings. By reviewing these steps with an attorney, the parents avoid issues that could prevent them from adopting a child. A Family Law Lawyer in Rochester MN explains each step and what is expected of the prospective parents.

Starting the Application Process

The attorney provides a list of adoption agencies from which to choose that don’t present any risks or potentially fraudulent activities. The prospective parents will file an application and provide detailed information to the adoption agency. They must complete a home study and interview to gain approval from the adoption agency.

Locating a Birth Mother

Prospective parents who want to adopt a newborn must enter into a contract with a birth mother to adopt their baby. The contract requires the prospective parents to pay the mother’s living expenses when necessary and cover the cost of all prenatal, maternity, and postpartum care. The prospective parents take custody of the baby after he or she is born and provide medical insurance coverage for the child immediately.

Managing the Adoption Contract

The adoption contract defines any rights that the birth mother has to the child which could include visitation only if the adoptive parents agree to these rights. The birth mother’s parental rights are terminated through acceptance of the contract with the adoptive parents. A caseworker is assigned to act as a liaison between the birth mother and the adoptive parents.

The Adoption Hearing

The adoptive parents must attend an adoption hearing after the child is born to officiate the adoption. The new parents receive all documents related to the adoption including the child’s birth certificate. Once the hearing concluded, the adoptive parents are legally the child’s parents.

In Minnesota, prospective parents must participate in several steps when they choose to adopt a child. When choosing a newborn, these parents must provide a certain level of care for the birth mother during the pregnancy. Couples or individuals who wish to start an adoption contact a Family Law Lawyer in Rochester MN through Rolsch Law Offices today.

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