Reviewing Requirements with Bicycle Accidents Attorneys in Poughkeepsie, NY

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Lawyers

In New York, cyclists must adhere to all traffic laws that apply to them. Additionally, some laws may relate to how closely automobiles can be to the cyclists during travels. When reviewing these requirements, it is necessary to define all applicable laws. Bicycle accidents attorneys in Poughkeepsie, NY help victims who were involved in accidents.

Reviewing Moving Violations

The moving violations involved in the accident could define the fault of a defendant. This includes traveling too closely to bicycle lanes and speeding around cyclists. However, the same laws could apply to the victim if they committed a moving violation. Under the laws, a cyclist that committed a violation could be deemed at fault due to comparative fault rulings. This could lead to a reduction of their award based on the applied percentage.

Was the Driver Drunk?

If the driver was drunk, this could bring new requirements to the case. First, the driver must be deemed guilty of the offense. Once they are convicted of a DUI, the victim could file an accident claim against them using the offense as the basis of their evidence. This could increase the possible award based on a failure to comply with stricter traffic laws. If the driver didn’t have auto coverage, the penalties for their conviction could increase. These failures could also influence the civil case against the driver.

The Total Losses of the Victim

The total losses of the victim start with all medical requirements associated with the accident. Next, the property damage sustained during the accident is addressed. If the victim lost wages, they must provide information about these losses. The plaintiff can include all losses they incurred due to the bicycle accident. If they sustain a permanent loss, the victim could acquire more substantial awards.

In New York, cyclists must obey the law according to the state. These laws are associated with the use of cycling lanes as well as protective gear. Any failure to comply could have a negative impact on their civil cases. Victims of these accidents can contact bicycle accidents attorneys in Poughkeepsie, NY through the Law Offices of Okasi & Okasi or Visit website for more details.