Social Security Disability Lawyers in Hemet, CA Can Help You Win Your Case

Not being able to work because of a disability is very upsetting. Mounting medical bills and the inability to pay rent, the mortgage, or to keep the lights on is a difficult position for anyone to be in. There is hope for those who are struggling with this type of situation.

Social security disability lawyers in Hemet, CA will help an individual win their case so they can begin receiving the benefits they need. Social Security Disability is also known as SSI. Workers who have paid into the system for the qualifying amount of weeks could receive monthly payments because of their disability.

Is Social Security Disability Welfare?

Social Security Disability is not welfare. The Social Security Administration offers a benefit to injured workers. Once an individual is approved, they might periodically have to be seen by a doctor to verify they still suffer from their disability.

How Severe Does the Disability Have to Be?

The Social Security Administration has specific guidelines for the types of disability they will cover. The disability could be mental or physical. If an individual is expected to live a year or less because of their disability, they may also qualify. Experienced social security disability lawyers in Hemet, CA can review an individual’s record to determine if they qualify.

The System

The system of receiving disability benefits is confusing and the majority of applicants are declined on their first attempt. Missing paperwork or incorrect answers on the application process are common reasons. Hiring an SSD lawyer from the start will improve an individual’s chances of being approved the first time.

If an individual is turned down, they have the option to file for reconsideration. If they do not file for reconsideration within the specified time, they will have to start the process again. If they are denied again, they will have to file an appeal and have their case heard by a judge.

A disability lawyer is familiar with this practice and will help an applicant every step of the process. Eric R. Hunt Attorney understands the process and is always ready to help disabled individuals receive the money they need. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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