Consult Experienced Social Security Lawyers in Melbourne, FL About Your Social Security Disability Application

Social Security Disability (SSDI) can seem very capricious to an outsider. Someone who appears not to have a serious medical issue might be approved the first time that they apply. Another person who has a progressive illness and is unable to work is denied. This is why people consult Social Security Lawyers in Melbourne FL.

The Social Security Administration is a huge bureaucracy whose employees don’t worry about losing their jobs. It’s always easier to say “no” than “yes” to an applicant. When a reviewer is scanning an application, they are looking for some of the most common reasons for denial. If they spot one, it’s easy to deny the application.

Below are the top three reasons for denying Social Security Disability.

Your Income is Too High

If your income exceeds $1,130 per month in 2016 and you are not blind, your claim will be denied. You have exceeded the SGA or “substantial gainful amount.” It’s possible to work while applying for or collecting SSDI, but if you earn more than $1,130 per month, then you are not considered disabled. If you have income from investments, this does not count toward the SGA since this does not work income.

Your Disability isn’t Severe Enough or Will Not Last 12 Months

If a disability is not expected to last at least 12 months or is not considered sufficiently severe, an application for SSDI will be denied. Many people apply for SSDI after a serious accident because they were unable to work for months. However, if the medical reason for the application was bone fractures, it’s unlikely that the application would be approved.

Most bone fractures heal in less than 12 months. If bone fractures haven’t healed within 6 months, it would be worthwhile to apply for SSDI since the impairment could last for longer than a year.

You Can’t be Contacted

Applications are denied every day because the applicant moved and didn’t contact Social Security with an updated address. If you have a representative who is handling the paperwork, such as an attorney, then be sure to remain in contact with the attorney.

The attorneys at Matheson Horowitz & Devonmille include experienced Social Security Lawyers in Melbourne FL. Whether you’re applying for the first time for SSDI or have been denied, they have the knowledge to help you achieve a successful outcome. Visit the website to request a free initial consultation.

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