Identifying The Origins Of The Problem With A Product Liability Attorney In Bellmore, NY

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Lawyers

In New York, a manufacturer is guilty of a product’s liability if they knew about a potential risk to consumers. These risks could originate with a flaw in the product’s design or assembly. A Product Liability Attorney In Bellmore NY helps consumers make these distinctions when they file a formal claim.

Investigating the Design of the Product

The first course of action is to investigate the design of the product. If the victim’s attorney may choose to file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. After the report is filed, the agency can access confidential files about these designs from the manufacturer. This allows the agency to assess the product thoroughly and determine if the risk was present in this design. If it was, this indicates that the manufacturer was aware of the potential risk and are liable.

Following the Chain of Custody

The chain of custody begins when the product assembly begins. As the product moves to a new individual, records are produced. The products are inspected at the end of each portion of the assembly. Finally, one last inspector assesses the product before it is shipped to distributors.

Next, the distributor must sign an invoice to indicate if the product was damaged. If they sign the invoice and accept the product, they indicate that the product doesn’t have any visible flaws. This process continues until the product arrives at a retail store. By following the chain of custody, the damage that could have lead to a consumer injury is identified.

Identifying Errors in Assembly

If the Consumer Rights Protection Agency determines that the initial product was flawed only, they identify the error in assembly. This requires them to review all records during the assembly product and determine who created the flaw.

In New York, consumers have the right to file a formal claim against manufacturers if they become injured. These circumstances allow them to acquire medical coverage and damages. Their attorney must show how the manufacturer is liable based on one of the above-mentioned scenarios. Victims who need a Product Liability Attorney In Bellmore NY should Click here for more information.