Have an Attorney Handle any Issues Involving Child Support in Dayton, OH

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Lawyers

There are many issues that have to be addressed during a divorce proceeding. However outside of child custody issues, perhaps one of the biggest sticking points for people with children is Child Support in Dayton Oh. If the divorcing couple has children, there is likely to be some discussion about child support, and it’s helpful to have an attorney that is familiar with this particular issue. This is one of the reasons why a family law or divorce attorney is good to have as legal representation during these proceedings.

In most cases, especially when one spouse has the majority of the custody of their children after a divorce, the other spouse will be required to pay a certain amount of child support. It’s typically beneficial that this type of support is agreed to by both spouses during the divorce settlement negotiations. Unfortunately, this particular issue is all too often a sticking point that makes its way into open court.

To this end, attorneys that handle issues like Child Support in Dayton Oh like to try to work through any impasses at the negotiation table. They will try to calculate child support that is enough for the child or children to enjoy their current quality of life while not creating an undue amount of strain on the individual paying the child support.

There are also situations when child support may need to be revisited. There are times when a persons situation has changed to where the excessive level of child support they were once paying may be unaffordable. Without re-addressing the issue, a person can fall behind in their child-support and in some cases, this can lead to incarceration.

This is certainly not going to provide money for the children. These are the times where these issues need to be readdressed and attorneys can typically help people to find the best solution where the child’s financial needs are continuing to be met even with a reduction in child support.

The fact is that there are many different issues when it comes to child support and working through those issues will usually take the services of an attorney. Whether they’re financial issues, emotional issues or greed issues, it’s important to work through those decisions and keep everything at the negotiation table rather than in open court. That is typically what a child support attorney will help divorcing spouses to do.