How to Behave After Receiving Service From an Agency Providing Bail Bonds in Charlotte NC

Obtaining bail bonds in Charlotte, NC, allows people who have been arrested to regain their freedom instead of being incarcerated until the court date. Bail bonds are useful when a person cannot afford to pay the bail amount, as the service puts up a bond that substitutes for cash bail. In exchange for the service, the bonding agency receives a fee that is a percentage of the bail.

The situation is not over once bail is paid or a bond provided by a service like Chad Lewis Bail Bonding. Unless the prosecution drops the charges, the individual still must go to court and face a judge, and perhaps a judge and jury. Skipping town is not the answer. The agency that provided the bail bond will send a highly skilled bounty hunter after this runaway, because if the person is not apprehended, the agency is responsible for paying the full bail amount. When the individual is caught, he or she now faces the original charges as well as the charge of being a fugitive from justice.

No matter how scary everything seems, the best plan of action is to work with a defense lawyer after receiving assistance from an agency providing bail bonds in Charlotte, NC. If the person runs away and is brought back in handcuffs, everyone is going to be more skeptical of this individual’s innocence as well as general character. The prosecuting attorney will be less likely to offer a plea deal or to drop the case altogether. A judge may be less likely to be dismiss the case and may issue a harsher sentence upon conviction.

Getting out of jail before the trial is not the end of the matter. Although the U.S. justice system technically views a person as innocent until proven guilty, being able to leave jail after being arrested and charged with a crime is generally seen as a favor to the defendant. The defendant is expected to behave in a certain way after being released.

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