Defective Products And Personal Injury Cases

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Legal Services

Product liability and injury from defective products fall under the general practice area of personal injury law. These are very specific types of cases that require expertise, understanding, and experience in determining who is at fault and obtaining fair compensation for injuries.

An attorney with this type of expertise will have successfully won cases that have to do with defect production and product liability. Most of these types of injuries are very challenging to settle, but a top attorney in Tampa may be able to settle out of court to speed up the process. In the event that the case doesn’t settle, be sure to work with an attorney with litigation expertise.

Defective Design

Many personal injury situations occur when the design of a product is flawed. If an injury occurs due to the design problem, it is possible to bring a lawsuit. However, if the injury occurred through some other issue, such as misuse of the product, even a legitimate design defect may not be considered grounds for a settlement.

Defective Manufacturing

Unlike defective design, defective manufacturing means that the product parts or components were made incorrectly. This may include the wrong choice of material or a part or component that fails and causes an injury.

For example, if a component contained an electrical circuit that was incorrectly wired and then started a fire that led to the injury, this would be a defect in manufacturing.

Incorrect or Non-Existing Warnings or Instructions

Another possible type of claim for personal injury cases occurs when there are incorrect or missing warnings or instructions for the device. A manufacturer has to provide adequate information for safe use of the product in a reasonable way.

It is important to realize with this category of product liability there is the issue of how the product is being used. If anyone in Tampa uses a product for a way that the manufacturer could not reasonably anticipate someone would use the device, they cannot be held responsible for the injury.