Contact the Wegmann Law Firm for all Your Estate Planning Needs

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Lawyers

Unfortunately, death is inevitable for everyone and making sure that plans are in place from a financial and an asset standpoint makes the most amount of sense. This is why many people turn to the services found at the Wegmann Law Firm to prepare their estate in the event that they pass away.

Taking Care of Loved Ones

The reasons for estate planning are generally focused on taking care of individuals that are left behind, such as a spouse or children. However, what is important to understand is that just because a person isn’t wealthy doesn’t mean that they don’t need proper estate planning. There are many instances where individuals may have assets that need to be properly disseminated and having an estate plan, an executor of the estate and someone who can handle the probate process is essential.

Managing the Probate Process

Unless a person is extremely wealthy, it’s usually difficult for a person’s estate to escape the probate process unless the estate is not valued at a great deal of money. If the estate does go into probate, the executor of the estate is going to have to handle the probate process and this is where a person may want to Contact Wegmann Law Firm. They can discuss having an attorney assigned to the executor to help through the probate process.

Legal Assistance for Probate

For executors that have no experience in this arena, having a probate attorney advising them along the way is essential. The probate process can be extremely cumbersome, complicated and lengthy and have an attorney consulting the executor can make this arduous process a little bit easier to deal with. In addition, it helps expedite the estate so that a decedent’s last will and testament can be enacted and the financial and physical assets can be disseminated.

If you haven’t planned your estate, you may want to contact the Wegmann Law Firm to start this process. Whether you have a great deal of money or minimal assets, if you plan on leaving anything for your family or if your family depends on you financially, this is an important issue to deal with.